The Biggest Problem With iPads

When the iPad first came out whenever it did, I was among the skeptics who stood there, looking at Steve Jobs and his cohorts in disbelief, perhaps even trying to hold back laughter and tears.

I remember when I first saw somebody I knew use an iPad. I was in my flat in Bath, and my flatmate had some friends visit from home. When I want to say hello to them, I noticed that one of them was using an iPad, and everybody else was gathered round in awe. He had the original iPad. The clunkyish one that everybody was still trying to accept existed.

Even looking at it then, I couldn’t help but feel as though it was just a stretched iPhone that couldn’t make or receive calls. So I suppose I kind of see where all my friends are coming from now that I have one.

Shortly after my birthday, when I had a little more money than could be justifiably spent on alcohol and the like, I was trying to think of Anthony that I might want to buy, or at least put some money towards. For some reason, my recent acceptance into the Apple club made me think about getting an iPhone. I hate the Blackberry that I made the mistake of buying just over a year ago, and I would like nothing more than to have a cool phone that I trust to not jerk me around whenever I let my guard down.

But whilst I may have had money then, it would be unlikely that I would have a constant inflow of cash in the months that follow, especially due to the fact that I need to pay rent. I’ve never owned a phone on contract before, mainly because I find it hard to trust myself and sign that all important piece of paper that says whatever phone company will own my soul.

Surfing around on the Apple website led me to the inevitable. The iPad. Something that I had previously turned my nose up at, but now they seemed so cool. More and more people I knew owned them, and were raving about them. Even sites that I trusted, like Mashable, were telling me the ten iPad apps I should definitely get. Obviously I’d need an iPad first, but I still thought I needed to be part of the coolness.

Nevertheless, I wasn’t sure whether I really wanted one or not until this time last week, when my dad bought one.

He was picking me up from work, and as I got in the car, I saw a box in the passenger seat where I was about to sit down. I was a white box, and on the side, it declared it’s contents: an iPad. The first words out of my mouth were, “You idiot.” But not because I actually thought it stupid purchase, but because he had known how much I’d wanted one all this time, and he had been the one telling me not to bother with it.

Less than a week later, my savings were empty and I was waiting for th UPS van to pull into the driveway bearing what I’d ordered the day before. Sure enough, it came. My white iPad (so it would match my MacBook), 32GB, Wi-Fi only. And obviously I spent a lot more money in the App Store that day.

This is the first time I’ve extensively used the keypad on a touchscreen before, and I must say it was not as frustrating as I first thought it would be. Whenever I used my friend’s iPhone, I always got annoyed that I ket missing the right letters. To be fair, that’s still happening now, but a lot less, because I’ve got the iPad on it’s side, and the keypad is much bigger.

I’m still trying to get my head around some stuff, and to be honest, I cant wait for iOS 5 to be released, because I want to be able to sync my email between devices and things like that. But I’m glad I made this extravagant purchase.

I’ll try to blog more now. I don’t have anything else on these days, but I’m going on holiday next week. My iPad will be joining me, so if I can get any Wi-Fi in Greece, I’ll d my best to write something.

One last thing: if there are any glaring spelling mistakes in this post, or an letter Ns where a space should be, I’m sorry. But I’m still getting used to this keyboard.

  1. Keith said:

    Apps you might like. Most are free.

    Scripts Pro
    Dragon Dictation (Fun to gargle incoherently and see what it comes up with.)
    Snag Films (Free HD documentaries, many bands)
    Netflix (with existing account)
    The Onion
    PS Express (Photoshop)
    … and games
    Words with friends (Seek Cooperweb and toss me a challenge)
    Demolition M
    Traffic Rush
    and this one game about some really mad birds over stolen eggs or something. :P

    and a few just to impress your iPad hating friends (what’s left of them)
    Pocket Pond
    Pinball HD

    p.s. Avoid the accelerometer driving games if you wish not to look like a twit in public.
    (also pass on the monsterous GTA dog of an app)

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